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Recent Updates

28.11.2010: New MINI Model!
Finally the Stargate Command F-302 Interceptor has been added to the collection! It has the correct wing shape and angels as well as the twin cockpit and a detailed engine block with a slightly bigger center engine. Go and have a look!


17.10.2009: New MINI Model!
Today the Ori Mothership has been updated! It features the characteristic shape as seen in the TV series by using somewhat unconventional pieces. It's all SNOT. Go and have a look!

25.01.2009: New MINI Model!
Appearing in both TV series, Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis, the so-called Puddle Jumpers are actually relics of the Ancients.


30.11.2008: The Asgard Fleet Arrived!

Three main starship classed of the Asgard fleet have been added today! They include the Beliskner, O'Neill and Daniel Jackson classes. Go have a look!


18.11.2007: 2 new Tau'ri Starships!

Here are the starships of your heros! I today present the Prometheus and the Daedalus to you! Both capital ships have a highy part density with more than 80 pieces each. Go check them out!

13.11.2007: 8 New Minifigures!

And here are your heros! The SG1 Team and some of the staff personnel of the Stargate Command! More minifigures to come soon, check these out!

04.11.2007: Two New MINI Models!

Two more Goa'uld starships have been added! Be sure to check them out! Starships of the Stargate Command will follow soon!

21.10.2007: New subsite!

Opening of, a brand-new sub section dealing with miniships and minifigures from Stargate™ the Movie and the Stargate SG1™ TV series!

5 MINI Models:

3 Minifigures:

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